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Premier UK Wedding & Event Pianist

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Josh Nesbitt is a highly accomplished pianist, vocalist, and session player known for his exceptional talent and versatility. With 10+ years of experience in prestigious venues and exclusive events, including luxury events and weddings in the UK and around the world, he is a sought-after musician. Josh has performed at renowned establishments like The Savoy, The Dorchester, and The Four Seasons in London. He also has worked creating magical musical experiences aboard the Disney Wish for Disney Cruise Lines. His repertoire spans various genres, from musical theatre classics to contemporary hits, and he is a skilled arranger. Trained at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Josh combines classical foundation with the ability to play by ear. He excels both as a solo performer and in ensemble settings, including DJ-Live setups. With his organizational skills and dedication, Josh Nesbitt is the ideal choice for elevating any event through the power of music.

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Josh Nesbitt can offer a truly versatile performance incorporating years of experience in the music profession and scores of fans. An inspirational artist Josh Nesbitt has earned their reputation as a talented musician and skillful performer. For more information about the different services Josh Nesbitt can offer, contact here.

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Josh Nesbitt, an accomplished musician, has performed worldwide at prestigious venues including five-star hotels, restaurants, bars, and private members clubs. With a wide range of musical styles in his repertoire, he skillfully traverses from Elton John to Dua Lipa, effortlessly embracing genres such as pop, jazz, R&B, soul, musical theatre, classical, and music through the decades. This versatility allows him to seamlessly adapt to diverse preferences, making him an ideal choice for weddings, parties, and corporate events. With Josh's musical expertise, your event is sure to be elevated to new heights with an unforgettable and tailored musical experience.


Josh Nesbitt offers musical arrangements for large-scale weddings, concerts, and collaborations with various artists. With a distinct style that incorporates elements of musical theatre, classical and orchestral music, as well as pop and contemporary genres, Josh brings a unique and dynamic flavour to his arrangements. From intimate string quartets to much larger ensembles, he can tailor his arrangements to accommodate different ensemble sizes. Whether it's for studio recordings or captivating live performances, his ability to understand the vision and style of each artist allows him to create tailor-made arrangements that leave a lasting impression. 


Josh's musical expertise extends beyond captivating live performances to exceptional recording sessions. With a keen attention to detail and versatility, he brings his unique style and musicality to studio environments. Whether it's albums, singles, soundtracks, or other recording projects, Josh's meticulous approach and collaborative spirit ensure captivating and polished recordings. Working with Josh in recording sessions guarantees a professional and creative approach that brings out the best in every piece of music. He is also able to do remote recordings from home, as well as work in the studio.

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Josh Nesbitt

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