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Add a touch of class to any event with the right music for the right setting. With years of experience working with businesses, couples, and small groups, Josh Nesbitt can cater to your musical needs to create the perfect soundscape for your occasion. Feel free to get in touch to bring the right music to your special day.



As an experienced entertainer, with 15 years of experience of playing at parties, Josh Nesbitt is able to offer clients an unforgettable experience. He ensures that the soundscape of their event is unique, fun and memorable. He can cater to your requirements: be it something high energy, with a saxophonist, violinist or singer, or more low key. You can count on Josh Nesbitt to organise the right setup and get the job done effortlessly. Want to hear more? Get in touch to schedule a personal meeting.


You can rest assured knowing that you’ve found a top musician to set the soundscape for your special day with Josh Nesbitt. With an ability to bring a distinctive sound to every project he works on, Josh Nesbitt will ensure that you make the right impact on your guests to ensure your event is memorable. Josh can tailor the music for the entire day, taking specific requests in advance for the processions, signing the register and any other incidental music. Josh has the unique ability to play by ear, allowing him to listen to a song you send him and effortlessly make it his own with his unique interpretation and musical style.


Set the perfect scene for your event from the arrival of your guests, to the main spectacle and after-party. Josh Nesbitt will work with you to find the sound you’re looking for and the songs you love. You can book a solo gig, a duet, or a full band. If you’re looking for a top musician who will be a pleasure to work with and will make your special event even more special, get in touch now.

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